Sweet Lassi (Yogurt based drink)

Summer time; and what is the first thought that strikes your mind. Chilled Beer, Sun, Cold drinks, ice, swimming or holidays. In tropical countries like India because the summers are so unbearable at times, other than the above activities most of theĀ time you prefer to be inside the relative coolness of your concrete homes and air conditioned rooms and with this comes an absolute desire to have a short or long afternoon nap.

Lassi almost acts like sedative for those who want to sleep, with its additional benefit of actually cooling the insides of your body. Traditionally Lassi uses lots of homemade butter and cream, the below recipe though is a much more health conscious version (albeit with sugar in it).

Here goes the recipe

ServesĀ 1

What you need (Ingredients)

100 gms of Natural Yogurt (Creamier the better)

150 ml of Water

1 tbsp of Sugar.

2 cubes of Ice

Crushed Pistachio (if you are feeling fancy)


  1. Blend yoghurt, water and sugar for 15-20 seconds at high speed or till the liquid starts foaming.
  2. Pour into the glass, add ice cubes and garnish with Pistachio.

Keep Enjoying & Nap on.


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