If you are new to eating curry in London, it is extremely likely that the first good Indian restaurant you will be recommended is Dishoom and it is also extremely likely that you’ll reach one of the four Dishoom’s around London hoping to walk in; no my friend you got to wait.. in line…for at least 2 hrs. Yes!! It is that popular.

Dishoom is an old establishment which sells itself as a Bombay Style cafe, with it’s speciality dishes belonging to the Parsi  community of India.

This review is about the Lunch / Dinner of Dishoom Shoreditch, its breakfast deserves a separate review all together.

Nestled in the back lane’s of Shoreditch, it is a relaxed place with ample seating outdoors, indoors and even below ground level.  The beautiful hostess guided us to the bar while we waited for our table to get ready (Yes, you can book ahead if you are 6 or more).

The Bar is well equipped with a vast amount of Cocktail choices and nibbles which you can carry to your table.

After settling down, here is what we ordered

Non Alcoholic -Drinks : Limca , ThumsUp, House Chai, Orange Juice & Nimbu Pani.

Starters:  Far Far, Dishoom Chicken Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Chilli Cheese Toast & Masala Prawns

Main Course : Lamb Raan, Chicken Ruby, Black Daal , Chicken Berry Pulao , Roomali Roti and Garlic Naan.

To start with to be able to have options like Limca & Thums up in London is extremely nostalgic for those of us who grew up in India. For the unawares, these are two Coca Cola company soft drink brands made and sold solely in Indian Market. Overall Ratings : 9/10 (a point extra for Nostalgia)

The Starters overall were well portioned and well presented, especially the chicken tikka which had both the sourness of vinaigrette and a balanced spice content.  Chilli Cheese toast though a very non curry dish were amazing too as a humble bread and cheese were spiced up with green chillies. Overall Ratings : 7/10

Main Course was as expected; simple with true flavours. A point to note all the food served in Dishoom is low on spice and this suits the palate of most people. Black Daal, an in house speciality was made with much love and butter (no complaints). Lamb raan or the Lamb leg cooked in its juices was succulent and flavourful.

Chicken berry pulao deserves the mention for being the perfect combination of flavourful rice mixed with succulent chicken pieces, topped with fried onions and berries. Roomali roti was one of the best I have had in London , naan and Chicken ruby were as expected.

Overall Ratings : 7.5/10

Service was quick and efficient. No complaints there.

Overall Restaurant Rating : 8/10

Spice Level:     Low-Medium

Recommended: Yes

Will I go back ? Yes



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