Karachi Tandoori Restaurant

The downside of working in an audit company is that you are just not able to pay much attention to your blog during the busy season. And the upside of working in such a business is that when you are tired and in no mood to cook or even book a fancy restaurant, you end up going into a gem of curry place, which usually gets lost in number of takeaway & eat in joints scattered all over London.

Karachi Tandoori is a modest kebab house , curry house cum a takeaway joint in by lanes of Leytonstone about 15 mins walk from Stratford station. Nothing much to talk about interiors here, it is more of a place that you would rush on a chilly night in your PJ’s for a quick bite.

Here is what we ordered.

Starters : Chicken Seekh Kebab, Lamb Seekh Kebab, Vegetable Pakora

Main Course : Chicken Kadai, Keema Matar,  Saag Chicken

Breads : Plain Prantha, Plain Naan and Chapati.

Starters were as you expect them to be, nothing to talk about the presentation or the way they were laid on plate. Chicken and Lamb Seekhs were well cooked and charred on the grill with a delicate balance of flavour and spice. Veg Pakaora, well lets say you can avoid it. Overall Ratings : 7/10.


The mains in this place were what made me call it a gem of a curry house. The flavours of minced lamb and peas with an array of spices had a true balance of rich meaty dish , a perfect accompaniment to plate size plain prantha’s ( it’s very buttery, don’t go when you are on a diet).  Both Chicken dishes stood their own and had flavours you would expect in any Indian kitchen. Sufficient to say for me personally, it was a good in between meal;  a homely flavours with may be a little more Dhabha styled usage of cooking oil and spice, which is a bit on a higher side. Breads were among the most amazing I have had in ages in any London restaurant.   Overall Ratings : 7.5/10.


Service was quick and efficient. No complaints there.

Overall Restaurant Rating : 7.25/10

Spice & Oil Level:     Medium to High

Recommended: Yes

Will I go back ? Yes, every time I get a chance.



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  1. James Denham says:

    I’d like Bangalore reviews please.

    Kind regards

    James Denham jdenham1@uk.ey.com



    1. Yes Mr Denham since you are the first one to comment; thecurryblogger will be delighted to invite you for all expenses paid trip to Bangalore and co-review the Jamavar and Absolute Barbeque among other Indian restaurants in Silicon valley of India..


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