Jamavar (The Leela Palace, Bangalore)

So I have been missing for a while in our food journey. Let’s blame it on the long hours I have been putting in at work. But then, it was due to work that I got to travel to my Homeland (not my home city) but homeland and spend around four days in the silicon valley of Asia; Bangalore.

During my sojourn in Bangalore a city where I have lived for a little more than a year, we went over and dined in most of the fine dining places in the city, during the dinner time. I have chosen to review Jamavar for a couple of reasons; One is that we dined here twice since it was the same hotel we were staying in and the other is they have recently opened a Restaurant in London.

First impressions, it’s a beautiful hotel and the grandeur of restaurants is sure to leave you spellbound. The erstwhile royal designs in furniture and seating arrangement does a complete justice to Palace in  the name of the hotel it is based in.

Jamavar has an inside, outside concept, where diners can choose either to dine by the Palace gardens or inside and watch the chef’s at work tossing breads and whipping curries via the glass walls of the kitchen.

Jamavar serves mostly North Indian dishes, but being in Bangalore there menu had few south Indian influences as well.

Here is what we ordered. 

Starters : Tandoori Aloo Firdausi, Raan-e-Jamavar, Suneheri Jhingha , Macchii Amritsari and Tandoori Murgh

Main Course : Dal Jamavar, Kadhai Paneer, Murgh Makhni and Neelam’s Sindhi Mutton

Breads : Pudhina Prantha, Missi Roti, Khasta Roti and Garlic Naan.

Drinks : Masala Chaas

Starters  set the tone of any meal, the one’s we ordered in this place did not disappoint. The meats were succulent and had a true flavour of the spices mixed with charring that comes naturally with a tandoor,  the vegetarian tandoori aloo was a real surprise for me with the sweet and sour spiced cheese filled in shell of potato and of course the charring that can come only from a tandoor.  Special mention goes to the Tandoori Murgh, on the bone and made fresh was the highlight of the evening for us. Overall Ratings : 8.5/10.

Mains were served after we were already stuffed with our starters. Dal Jamavar which essentially was Dal Makhni was amazingly buttery and had a rich taste to it. Butter chicken or the Murgh Makhni was pleasantly sweet in a creamy sauce , just as a butter chicken should be. The mutton in itself packed quite a punch and was rich with flavour. Kadhai Paneer on the other hand was a little disappointing for me , as I though the flavours did not really came together as well as other dishes in the menu did.

I am a big bread person and I absolutely love breads for any and every meal. The missi roti, naans and prantha’s were an amazing accompaniment to all curries we had. Although Pudina prantha stood out for me. Overall Ratings : 7.5/10.

A word about Masala Chaas, it was amazingly flavourful and fresh.

This is a restaurant in a Five Star Hotel and service and hospitality of the staff was at par. We loved it so much that we dined there again and would again do, in our future business trips.

Overall Restaurant Rating : 8/10

Spice Level:     Medium – High

Recommended: Yes

Will I go back ? Yes






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